How Important is your event / away-day to the performance of your team?

(100% absolutely vital, 0% = not important at all)

Need high levels of energy & engagement?

Most conferences involve a top table, with guest speakers and Power Point presentations. But engaging today’s audiences requires more, especially if results are expected.

A range of new methodologies has emerged to tackle the challenges of engaging audiences*.  These are embedded in the pitstop approach to conferences and events.  The result is a new level of energy and engagement.

*Including World Café, Strategic Conversations and Action Learning.

Ready to Test & Challenge Your Team?

Attendees often describe away-days and conferences by terms, such as; ‘talking shop’, ‘happy-clappy’, or ‘love-in’.  But events and away-days should challenge, as well as inspire.

Pitstop events challenge organizations and teams to:
– More accurately appraise their performance
– Reveal their level of energy & engagement
– Test the level of teamwork, focus &alignment
– Engage in difficult conversations

– Assess the progress of key initiatives, projects & strategies

Looking for results from your event?

A conference or event is a considerable expenditure of time and money – it should have a demonstrable pay-back. 

Pitstop events link what happens at your conference to the performance of your organization/team and its key initiatives, priorities or strategies in concrete and measurable ways

pitstop events conferences payback

Pitstop events are designed to measure and maximize energy, engagement & exploration.

Levels of energy, engagement and exploration could account for as much as 50% of the difference between the lowest and highest performing organizations*.  That is why they are so important to the success of our event.

*Alex “Sandy” Pentland, ‘The New Science of Building Great Teams’, HBR, Apr. 2012.

Looking for Something New?

Event organizers are constantly on the lookout for something new – a new topic or approach that will engage their audience. But they are cautious about gimmicks and passing fads.

Most event organizers have, at some time, had a bad experience and want to ‘play it safe’. They want an approach that is proven to work – one that they can test and experience.

Pitstops can take place in a variety of formats, from one hour to several days and for groups ranging from 8 to 800.

See a pitstop in action:

It is time to Pitstop for performance

During your away-day, conference, or event your team will work in pit teams. The idea is just like in racing – to come together as a team, identify problems and fix them fast.

Inspired by F1™ your team will be engaged in taking stock of its performance and that of its key projects, priorities and strategies.  The objective is to maximize the chances of winning.

behavioral analysis pitstop

See your team in action

Pitstops events are an opportunity to observe your team in action. They provides a window into the performance potential of the team, including its task effectiveness, decision smarts & social health.

Pitstop facilitators will guide you through a behavioral observation of your team, including; norms of behaviors, patterns of interaction and so on.

An event that will help your team to win

‘It was a great conference, but what exactly happened as a result?’  That is a question too often asked by managers as they reflect on the last conference or away-day. 

Teams leave pitstops with clearly agreed ‘Winning Moves’ together next actions and a means of tracking progress.

 After all, the only reason to pitstop is to help you win.

The Pitstop Advantage

What makes the Pitstop Approach Special?

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Data-driven & evidence-based approach.

Underpinned by the latest science & research.

Inspired by the passion of Formula One™.

Powerful world-beating models.